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Does Your Bedroom Give You Nighmares?
Welcome to the Room Makeover WebQuest!

Important note: You may need to download a free download powerpoint viewer before you start, if your computer does not have PowerPoint access. You may find this link on the bottom left handside of the screen.

Start by clicking on the Chipmunk to the right to watch a powerpoint about the WebQuest. You need to be patient while downloading. Time to download is server and memory dependent..The Class links at left include project deadlines on the class calendar, project downloads, and the other links that are important school and district pages.

42507_120258_0.jpgJudith Stoyell
B.A.S.E. Math Instructor
Coconut Creek High
Phone: 754-322-0367

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Math is fun!
Will you win the Room Makeover?
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Enjoy the WebQuest!
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