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       Science fair Friday, May 4.         
Welcome to the lab!
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Please visit this page often as I will try to keep you informed of the activities in the class and also advise you of events and other information.

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 Congratulations to second graders for their measurement books, to third graders for their bird lists, and to fourth and fifth grade students for their science fair projects.

goofy.gifBy the way, If I look a little Goofy, its because I haven't found a picture of me that I like yet!

Butterfly Garden
Please stay on the path. Nectar plants are on the inside of the walkway and host plants are on the outside of the walkway. Caterpillars will be on the host vines and milkweed. The Monarch caterpillar will create a crysallis high on the trellis. Watch for emerging butterflies.
Butterfly World
Last Modified: Feb 15, 2008

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