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Mrs. Brand's Reading Class
Welcome to my homepage which is designed to keep both students and parents informed and up-to-date. I post daily activities, homework, short term and long term assignments.  FYI -the PTA has provided your child with a planner to record their assignments. I use these every week as communication about reading logs.

Parent's homework #1- Complete the survey.            
Parent's homework #2 -  As an educator at an environmental school, I  would appreciate an email rather than a written paper response. Use your child's name as the subject of the email then answer this question:  What is your favorite genre? adventure- spy   - thriller  - horror - nonfiction (history. technical, self-help, etc)    - humor - (auto) biography - romance - mystery - science fiction - historical fiction.


Monday - Complete any papers sent home and return them to your homeroom teacher. Bookmark this website in your home computer. Parents must do their homework too. If you have any books you already read and would like to donate to my class library - that would be sensational!

Tuesday – Complete Harris Burdick paper if you did not finish in class. Be sure you are reading  for your log T2S

Wednesday – Finish your  Alliiteration

Thursday –  Finish your Jabberwocky glossary. Have your parent sign T2S tonight.
                                  This signiture goes in your planner.

Friday - Have a great weekend!

Weekly Reading
I REQUIRE my students to read 30 minutes each and every night. The readings come from any book, novel, newspaper or a textbook assignment from science, language arts or American history. Reading from the internet does NOT count towards reading homework. I will monitor these readings using the planner as a communication tool. Additional readings will be assigned in the classroom. This weekly assignment is call Ticket to Success or T2S.

Summer Reading program
Summer Reading assignment

Check here and look at the summer reading program. FAQ Do these count as a grade.Yes How many should I do? Two When is it due? Sept. 5th Can I read any book ? Yes Books not on the list? Yes No project = zero grade
Summer Reading program
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