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octsciwebbed.jpgWelcome to our Science and Art Glass web page!
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Albert Einstein

Carla Rody
Academic Alchemist

We have less than 4 weeks left of summer!  School starts back for students on August 18th and what a school year we have in front of us.  As far as I have been told, we are looking at Earth Science for the 9th graders, Biology for 10th graders, and Environmental Science/Ecology for the 11th and 12th graders.  This year, we are the newestmembers to join the district's GLIDES program, so expect a project-based learning environment in all courses.  The emphasis is on learning through inquiry-based student led lessons so don't expect to be talked to and given the answers.  Students will be using technology tools to further their educational pursuit.  That means that the brain hats we created last year just might come in handy again this year. webbrain.jpg
An emphasis will be on making our school campus more eco-friendly and less of a maintainence problem.  We will be looking at ways to remove grass and plants that need lots of care and water and replace them with xeriscaping.  Look for a mentorship in this program that will again pair the 11th and 12th graders with the elementary classes.

02123_edited.jpg Here is another photo of me.  One day, I will find one I like.

 However, this is a photograph of our finished 2007 VTRP project.  Our science students mentored Ms. Lovera's class and we created these beautiful stepping stones for our butterfly garden.  Two of my Integrated 2 students, Jordan and Ian,  created instructional iMovies that will be used by other teachers to enhance teaching their students how to create stepping stones for their gardens.  Come see our artwork as it is featured all over our campus!  We are looking at doing more artwork for the new campus beautification projects.  We will need our experienced artists and will be recruiting new ones from the project classes.

 If you are interested in having our students create a piece of lasting mosaic art or stained glass, please contact us at the following email addresses and tell us what you want in the way of colors, sizes, and patterns.  If you have a picture or a drawing, please include it as an attachment.  Click on the Album link on the left to see our 2007 portfolilo.  Prices depend on the size of the item, the amount of supplies we need, and the details of the pattern.

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  stepping stones                    hot glass/fused jewlery     

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